Louise Bagger

Thinking back to the first time I spoke to you on the phone, now just over two years ago, I look back at what I have achieved since then and I am completely overwhelmed.

Over the 12 months of training at the Gainsborough School of Professional Photography, I saw amazing changes in the way I make pictures.  The key is consistency, and that is what you teach.  No fuss, no messing about with what ‘might’ work, you teach what works and that is what I enjoyed the most about training under your guidance.

You have always said that your aim is to teach your students how to earn money from their photography and to in fact become your competitors.  You posted on facebook, not so long ago, that “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”  I don’t know if these are your words, but how true that is.  I thank you for helping me to light my candle and I know you have lost nothing, but you have in fact gained from it – my respect.

Even since completing the course, you have always accepted my phone calls and emails seeking advice on the different elements of the business of being a professional photographer.  As much as my learning will continue, be rest assured, that so does your teaching.