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Director of Training, Norman Weedall
Director of Training, Norman Weedall

“You SEE and you HEAR but you must be INVOLVED in the activity and let the process of DOING and making mistakes absorb you, only then will you LEARN to correct and UNDERSTAND”

Norman Weedall is a passionate educator whose stated goal is to train the next generation of professional photographers.

As head trainer he is possibly the most skilled person in Australia to facilitate this style of learning experience. He has been pro-active in the industry for 35 years, the last 30 years starting and building Adelaide’s most prestigious photographic business – Gainsborough Studio.

Norman is an excellent photographer with the unique ability to quickly transfer his knowledge and skill to the next generation of aspiring photographers using cutting edge multi-sensory training methods.

As a committed supporter of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Norman has served as a judge at national level over many years and is instrumental in organising events to further the education of professional photographers. He now promotes at a local level to further the industry he loves in South Australia.

He has personally photographed over 10,000 portrait sittings from newborns to a 100th birthday portrait. Royalty, rock stars, judges, business leaders, politicians, actors, musicians, sportspeople and over 2000 weddings. He believes in constant improvement and strives to produce his best shots every day believing that,

“You are only as good as your last job”.

His experience is vast in areas of commercial, fashion, landscape, industrial, motor vehicles, photojournalism, and food photography and has studied with many leading photographers in Australia and around the world.

Norman is a believer in personal development and says ”You never stop learning.” He has continued study both formally and informally over the course of his life in such diverse areas as sales, marketing, psychology, communication, early childhood learning, nutritional health, martial arts, dance, motorcycle racing and brain function.

His interest in adult learning is evident in the feedback from his students both current and graduated.

Norman’s skill in guiding students to learn & understand the vast amount of knowledge on this subject is attributed to the time he spent studying with Dr Stephanie Burns, Australia’s leading authority on adult learning methods, where he discovered that we all have a different way of  relating to and absorbing information.

Some  prominent photographers Norman has studied with and is influenced by;

England : Paul  Yaffe USA : Don  Blair
Desmond  Groves Rocky  Gunn
Paul  Kaye Leon  Kennamer
Norman  Parkinson Frank  Cricchio
 Monte  Zucker
Australia: Arnold  Newman
John  Ploog Peter  Foeden
Ian  Hawthorn Gary  Glenn
Tony Hewitt Yervant
Jerry Ghionis Rocco Ancora
World famous personal development mentors Norman has studied with :
Dr Edward  De Bono – Thinker, prolific author, consultant to business
Tom  Hopkins –  Sales  trainer and entrepreneur
James  Rohn –   Businessman, trainer, author
Zig  Ziglar –  Sales  trainer and motivational speaker
Robert  Cialdini – Psychologist, author, speaker.
Harvey  Mackay –  Businessman, author, speaker.
Dr Robert Rutherford – Management speaker, author.
Dr Kerry  Johnson – Lecturer, NLP practitioner.
Allen  Pease –  Author, speaker, body language expert.
Dr Dennis Waitley – Author, business councillor
Dr Mark V. Hanson –Personal development speaker, author
Bob  Ansett –  Businessman, speaker, author.
Anthony  Robbins – Motivational trainer, author.
Deepak  Chopra –  Health guru body & mind, author.
Dr Stephanie Burns – Aust foremost authority on adult learning, author.
Steve  Biddulf – Psychologist, author, speaker – boys & mens issues
Colin  Pearce –  Business consultant, speaker, author.